„AI for Media Production“ - FKTG Discussion-Panel - IBC2018:

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FKTG Panel - IBC2018

A review. Artificial intelligence (AI) appears to be the next big thing in data intense application areas. Applied in media production it promises to revolutionise the way content is created today and will dramatically change production processes. Based on data science, analysis and machine learning algorithms, new ways for journalistic investigations, automated creation of news as well as automated or assisted analysis of archive material, text and subtitling become possible.

During sport and live events, real-time analysis of data enables intelligent visualisation and interpretation of soccer, tennis or any other sport enhanced by augmented information. Using AI in object based next generation audio or video will allow artificial sound balancing, enabling new creativity and production freedom. AI driven bots will assist along the value chain of production, distribution and end-user applications.

Industry representatives from leading companies like Adobe, AVID, EVS, Swiss TXT, Skyline Communications and arvato Systems discussed their current view on today´s status of AI in media production. The panel also highlighted chances and risks with an outlook on future AI developments.

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FKTG at IBC2018 for Webb from FKTG on Vimeo.