Call for Papers FKTG – 26th Technical Conference and Exhibition 2014

The FKTG technical conference and exhibition will be held from May 5.-8. 2014 in Cologne. This bi-annual conference is the industries premiere event in Germany, where people gather to learn and discuss new technologies and scientific research results related to the broadcast and professional electronic media industry.

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Digitization and the use of IT-technology from production through transmission to consumer reception has step by step led to a change of media consumption and offerings. Consumers want to access content wherever they are and from every possible device. Cloud services and personalization allow easy access to content and control of its consumption.

Using two or even three screens simultaneously or in time-shift mode allows new and comprehensive ways of enjoying programs or TV-series. Interactive services and social media not only allow new creativity in production, but also generate new challenges for workflows, production, regulations and business models. New possibilities for content production and development of production technologies are progressing fast.

HDTV and 3D is followed by UHDTV and possibly ultra UHDTV. Digital Cinema and TV are seeking higher resolution, higher frame rates, more color and higher contrast and dynamic range.

Living rooms will be equipped with video walls. Tablet PC´s will have 4k-resolution displays. New recording techniques will allow for manipulation in post production of picture sharpness, depth and sound.

IT network technology will eventually replace the traditional infrastructure from AV-production studios to the homes of the consumer.

The FKTG invites scientists, developers and users of the broadcast, film and electronic media industry to inform and discuss current and future results of research, technology development and use cases.

Due to the very positive feedback from last conference in 2012 the FKTG hosts a special forum for universities where results from newest research projects and graduation works are presented.

The FKTG board invites papers which must be informational and must address technical theory, research, innovation, application, or practice. Following list shows key aspects and suggestions for topics.

Future of Media Usage and Technology  

  • Cross-Media (e.g. OTT – Linear and non-linear offerings – second/dynamic screen – user behaviour – regulation aspects – business models – social media – smartTV – VoD)  

  • Beyond HD (e.g. UHDTV – 4K – 8K – 3D – higher dynamic range – higher frame rate – Digital Cinema – barrier free)

Production Technology  

  • Recording, Multi-Camera Technology (e.g. picture and sound – 3D-Audio – lighfield array – trifocal cameras – free viewpoint – TOF Cameras)  

  • Networked Production, Infarstructure and Interfaces ( video bridging – 6G/12G HD-SDI – video over IP – HDMI – networks)  

  • Production Chain, Workflows (e.g. A/V-production – automatic quality control QC – metadata – clouds – remote production – testand measurement - control – monitoring – storage – production codecs – 4K/8K – automation – playout)  

  • Semantic Technology, Big Data, User-Feedback (e.g. semantic search – annotation – metadata generation and enrichment – semantik for OTT)  

  • Content Production and new Content (e.g. content management – archive - user generated content – reuse of content)

Distribution Technologies  

  • Digital Distribution (e.g. transmission - DVB – signaling – dynamic broadcast)  

  • Streaming (e.g. IPTV – Web-TV – Mediatheken– synchronisation of content on different end user devices – DASH) 

  • Business Models (e.g. digital rights management – platforms)

Playback, End User Equipment  

  • Display Technologies (e.g. projection technologies – DCinema – laser projectors - immersive systems – OLED – video wall – digital signage – public viewing – tablet-PCs – 3D-tablets – augmented reality)  

  • New Features (e.g. gesture control – home cloud)

The presentation duration is 20 minutes. English presentations are accepted. Papers that are commercial or promotional in nature will not be considered. Sound, video and PC-presentation equipment will be provided.

Dead-line for entries is January 17th 2014

Interested parties are invited to submit through our online content submission

Essential for the acceptance of the paper by the FKTG board is the abstract (app. 3000 characters). The conference program will be finalized in February 2014.

For enquiries pls. contact the FKTG Fernseh- und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft e.V. project manager: