SDI - Software-defined processing in IP and SDI infrastructures

Vortrag 06: Sebastian Schaffrath - LYNX Technik AG

The 2017 IBC convention in Amsterdam has sent a clear message to broadcast engineers and infrastructure designers:

SMPTE 2110 is ready to go and functionally operating. Overall, the broadcast industry agrees on the benefits of IP and broadcast facilities are getting ready for the migration from baseband to IP-based infrastructures. Migrating to new technologies in general only makes sense if it adds sustainable value such as cost savings, flexible allocation of resources and reduction of operators’ preparation time. Neglecting to focus on the true benefits coming with IP might lead to improperly designed IP infrastructures and thus radically higher costs than with conventional SDI baseband systems.

The presentation depicts the current and future applications of software-defined signal processing in IP and SDI infrastructures. Several use-cases and their relevant benefits for operators as well as planning engineers are shown.

Über Sebastian Schaffrath

  • Studium an der TU Ilmenau (Dipl.-Ing. Medientechnologie)
  • Positionen im Product Management u.a. bei Riedel Communications und MAGIX AG
  • Head of Division KSC Controller Systems bei der BFE GmbH
    • Leitung des Geschäftsbereichs der IP-basierten Steuersysteme
    • Verantwortung des Product Managements Controllersysteme
  • CTIO LYNX Technik AG
    • Vorstand der LYNX Technik AG mit Verantwortung für Produktentwicklung
    • Produktstrategie mit Fokus auf IP-basierte Systeme