Successful Deployments of IP Based Signal Routing

Vortrag 08: Matt Salvidge - SAM Snell Advanced Media

This paper seeks to offer a sensible, risk free, measured approach to an SDI to IP transition for live, real time streams.

It is assumed that the audience is aware of the relevant standards such as SMPTE 2110 etc. and therefore will not discuss these again. Instead the presentation will focus on successfully completed deployments that are on air such as the RTL City project (34 channels on air), the Timeline Ltd. 32 camera UHD IP OB Van (on the road making money since May 2017) and uncompressed UHD remote production for the Under 21 finals. By the time the FKTG Symposium will take place SAM expects to have completed a number of other IP projects which will also feature in this paper.

This paper will discuss practical experience gained while the above projects were deployed, reasons why the relevant network topology and IP connectivity has been chosen and which COTS equipment has been selected. Also we will discuss redundancy concepts, aspects of system timing (PTP) and control layers. 

Some focus will be on in which cases SDN adds value and in which cases solutions based on L3, IGMPv3 and PIM-SSM are more effective. This includes discussing error recovery, clean switching methods (MBB, BBM), NMOS IS-04/5/6 and realistic alternatives until the IS standards are available.

Über Matt Salvidge

“Matt Salvidge manages the Grass Valley Sales Engineering Solution Specialists team, comprised of 9 engineers located thoughout EMEA, and is based in Reading, UK.  Since joining Grass Valley in 2014, he has worked in a Solution Architecture role on a number of IP-based Systems, ensuring the successful on-air deployments of uncompressed IP Broadcast Networks in use for Live Production environments.  Prior to this, he worked in numerous engineering roles throughout the broadcast and satellite industries, since 2001, dealing with a mixture of Live Studio Production, Distribution and Transmission.”