Building a Modern Archive for Digital Assets

Vortrag 23: Christoph Schulz - Spectra Logic

As the amount of stored content increases at an accelerating rate, protecting and preserving this content requires effective, fail resistant and enormously scalable storage. Traditional archive solutions tend to be cumbersome, high in cost, complex, and proprietary in nature. This exemplifies the need for a fully integrated modern archive that can address these challenges and streamline the workflow.

Object based storage has emerged as a way to build endurable storage systems that can scale to billions of objects and vast storage capacities while maintaining minimal latencies for data access. Modern technology advancements enable users to digitally preserve assets on affordable, scalable, intelligently managed tiers of storage such as nearline disk, archive disk, tape and cloud using open standard (LTFS), assuring content’s integrity and eliminating application level dependencies. Desired content is directly recalled through intelligent, self-describing objects within the user’s media asset management software. This advancement streamlines and creates an agnostic workflow, fully independent of proprietary middleware, making assets directly available to the application and providing significant cost savings over traditional archives.

Über Christoph Schulz

Für Spectra verantwortet Christoph Schulz als Enterprise Sales Manager die Geschäftsentwicklung und den Vertrieb für Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Als wichtiger vertikaler Markt bei Spectra, entwickelt Christoph Schulz den M&E Markt in der DACH Region. Der Aufbau und die langfristige Betreuung wichtiger Technologie-Partnerschaften und Systemhäuser sind wichtige Stützpfeiler.

Im Laufe seiner Karriere hat Diplom Ingenieur Christoph Schulz verschiedende Entwicklungstufen durchlaufen – er war Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Product Manager, Founder & CEO – und kann somit heute dankbar auf seine langjährige IT Infrastruktur & Storage Erfahrung zurückgreifen.