Sound in VR --- Challenges in simulating acoustics in virtual environments

Vortrag Nr. 20: Prof. Dr. Frank Wefers

Abstract: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming ever more important technologies in many areas of life and society. Both domains (VR/AR) are currently in rapid progress and hold great potential for future multimedia technologies, artistic and music applications, such as interactive concerts. Essential is that humans perceive the virtual simulations realistic and become immersed into it. Therefore, not only vision, but also the hearing sense must be stimulated convincingly.

Rendering virtual scenes audible (auralization) can be a complex and challenging procedure, considering many different aspects (e.g. the radiation of sound, the synthesis of sounds, reverberation in rooms, the 3D sound reproduction). Simulations in real-time are particularly challenging and demand sophisticated algorithms and a profound knowledge about the human perception. Another critical factor is the variety of potential devices (mobile devices, laptops, GPUs) and their different computational resources.

This talk gives an overview on sound in virtual environments, outlining key challenges in creating and rendering auditory environments, including the modeling of sound sources, simulations of the sound propagation and finally, the 3D sound reproduction.


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