MWA Nova GmbH

Über die Förderfirma

MWA Nova GmbH "WA-Nova is a German company that produces contemporary, smart film scanning and audio capturing devices made with the archive market in mind.
Formerly known as MWA Albrecht GmbH, the company was taken over at the end of 2002, and renamed MWA Nova GmbH. From its early days as a manufacturer of radio components, the company has evolved to produce state of the art moving image technology. MWA-Nova GmbH is committed to the continuation of the legacy established by Albrecht, synonymous with the highest degree of engineering quality and technical innovation.
MWA-Nova has grown an in-house production team with expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing of new generation film products. All the machines offered by MWA-Nova are made in Germany by German engineers, all the way down to the CNC machining of their precision parts. Their products use state of the art software such as automated colour correction software developed by it's own team, and market leading innovations such as Sprocketless Capstan Transport. " Standort: Berlin


"was originally formed in 1926 as a manufacturer of Radio components.
Following the Second World War the company was reformed and embarked on the manufacturing of audio equipment specifically intended for the film industry.
The year 1947 saw the first Audio magnetic tape recorders and players being developed.
In the early 1970s the first modern type electronic synchronisable Mag recorder/player the MB41 was introduced revolutionising sound for film and broadcast.
1980 saw the launch of the MB51 multiformat Mag machine, followed shortly by the PB51 multi format high speed studio film projector. The MB51 rapidly earned a reputation as the best machine of it’s’ type worldwide and sold almost 2500 units making the name MWA Albrecht GmbH truly world famous in the professional Audio and Film fields. MWA went on to further this reputation by introducing the only modern Optical Sound Recorder the LLK in 1995. This machine differs greatly from the only other older style system currently still in use, in as much as the sound is recorded on the negative film using a green NeHe laser beam which results in unparalleled accuracy and performance statistics. Over the last 54 years the name MWA Albrecht GmbH has become synonymous with the highest engineering quality, and technical innovation; a tradition that continues today following the takeover of the company at the end of 2002, and renaming as MWA Nova GmbH. MWA Nova GmbH is committed to the continuation and further development of both Albrecht’s reputation and products. "