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Telestream® specializes in products that make it possible to get video content to any audience regardless of how it is created, distributed or viewed. Throughout the entire digital media lifecycle, from capture to viewing, for consumers through high-end professionals, Telestream products range from desktop components and cross-platform applications to fully-automated, enterprise-class digital media transcoding and workflow systems. Telestream enables users in a broad range of business environments to leverage the value of their video content.

Telestream customers include the world’s leading media and entertainment companies: content owners, creators and distributors. In addition, a growing number of companies supplying and servicing much larger markets such as ad agencies, corporations, healthcare providers, government and educational facilities, as well as video prosumers and consumers, are turning to Telestream to simplify the access, creation and exchange of digital media.

Founded in 1998, Telestream corporate headquarters are located in Nevada City. The company is privately held.

The company is privately held. Standort: Bonn



Telestream's headquarters are located at two locations. One, is in Nevada City in Northern California (shown above), 60 miles northeast of Sacramento and 70 miles west of Reno Nevada. The facility is close to highway 49 and surrounded by scenic foothill vistas.

The second location is in Westwood MA (shown below), not far from Boston and ranked by Money magazine as 13th on its list of the 100 Best Places to Live in the United States. Commuter rail service from Boston's South Station is provided by the MBTA with the Route 128 station on its Providence/Stoughton Line, and the Islington station on its Franklin Line; Amtrak trains to Providence, New Haven, New York City and Washington DC also stop at the Route 128 station.

Telestream Nevada-City, CA

Telestream head-office in Nevada City, CA


Teletream Westwood, MA

Telestream in Westwood, MA 


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Lightspeed Live/Capture 

Vantage Multimedia Platform

autom. Software QC-Solutions


GLIM Media File Player in a Browser

Wirecast Gear Streaming Solutions in a single Box


Multiformat-Messpraktikum HD/UHD für SDI und IP mit Telestream/Tektronix-Video Analysatoren

Telestream/Tektronix bietet mit der PRISM® Media Analyzer-Plattform als Weiterentwicklung der WFM-Familie die Möglichkeit, sowohl SDI-Signale als auch IP-Streams zu analysieren und zu überwachen. Die Teilnehmenden lernen die Unterschiede zwischen HD und UHD auf der SDI-Ebene sowie deren Übertragung in IP-basierten Multimedia-Streams kennen. Schwerpunkte sind messtechnische Aspekte des 12G-SDI-Standards, erhöhter Kontrast mit HDR, erweiterter Farbraum mit WCG sowie die Übertragungsprotokolle ST2110, ST2022, Synchronisation und Timing mit PTP. Dies wird in Tutorials und praktischen Messübungen in kleinen Gruppen vertieft.

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PRISM hybrid SDI and IP-Video Analyzer with new FW V2.2 incl. new features and easy to operate UI

Telestream acquires EcoDigital (former Front Porch) and their famous DIVA CSM-Software

DIVA CSM-Software

Telestream Plays the Unplayable with GLIM
New remote media player plays mezzanine and professional grade media files from anywhere in a browser – June 23, 2020

Massively increase your team’s productivity with GLIM, a groundbreaking technology that remotely plays mezzanine and professional-grade media files in a web browser. Learn more-

Telestream Rips Up Rulebook with Launch of Lightspeed Live Capture C2
New dual channel ingest solution provides unbeatable value: lowest cost access to capture plus Vantage media processing – June 16, 2020

Telestream Enhances PRISM Waveform Monitor for Next Gen SDI & IP Workflow Applications
Expanded SDI / IP features for PRISM, especially remote work support, provide a complete solution for any waveform monitor application – June 9, 2020.

Telestream Announces Vantage Ad-ID Integration to Validate and Ensure Correct Ad Placement
Automated solution ensures ads are played at the right place and time – May 19, 2020

Telestream Vantage IMF Producer Automates IMF Package Creation from Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline
Vantage Panel interface streamlines IMF delivery for editors – April 15, 2020

Telestream Announces Inspect 2110 IP Video Monitoring for Broadcast, Production and Distribution Operations
New probe features scalable monitoring of ST 2110 IP video streams Across production networks – April 14, 2020

Telestream Releases OptiQ Monitor
Radically different approach to video monitoring & analytics now commercially available – April 7, 2020






Produkte und Dienstleistungen
Soziale Netzwerke
Background For more than two decades, Telestream® has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital video industry, pioneering file-based video transcoding and high-quality media exchange over IP networks. This laser focus on continuous innovation stems from the strong video and television pedigree of Telestream’s management team. The company has been profitable since 2001 and has experienced double-digit revenue growth every year since. This has allowed the company to finance seven strategic acquisitions to expand its transcoding expertise and enter the live streaming, QC, video analytics and service assurance spaces. Today, Telestream continues to drive the industry forward by embracing agile software development methodologies that accelerate innovation in this highly dynamic and fast-changing market.  

German Branch-office:

Telestream GmbH – Germany
Dietkirchenstraße 30
53111 Bonn, Germany

Phone: 0228-2809130
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