3D-Untertitel – Positionierung und Konfliktlösung

M. Zink: Eine Herausforderung beim Erstellen der Filmmaster für Kino- und Videoversionen ist die Positionierung der Untertitel über dem 3D-Video. Die Hauptaufgabe besteht dabei in der Vermeidung einer Kollision des Untertitels (oder anderer grafischer Elemente) mit den Videoobjekten auf der z-Achse, da das für den Zuschauer sehr unangenehm sein kann. Im Beitrag wird über diegenaue Positionierung berichtet und es werden Lösungsansätze gezeigt.

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As content is created in 3D for both theatrical and home entertainment releases, one of the main challenges existing today is the treatment of subtitles over 3D video. The primary goal is to avoid having subtitles (or other graphical overlays) conflict with the depth of the video object as they can cause viewing discomfort. There are generally a number of different possibilities for implementing subtitles over 3D video. Starting with simple solutions such as positioning subtitles at screen plane, or in front of the most forward object in the video, to more dynamic solutions that adjust the subtitle position on a frame-by-frame basis depending on the content of the video, all such options have different impact on production workflows and application areas. Additionally, the avoidance of ghosting artifacts and the applicability of the positioning process to the various distribution formats should be taken into consideration. The contribution discusses solutions for such issues.