Video - JPEG XS - Der Videocodec für die Produktionsumgebung

Vortrag 03

More and higher quality UHD content is arriving in the production environment, requesting additional bandwidths for data transmission and exchange. In parallel, a more flexible infrastructure based on the well-known IP protocol stack is very desirable. Adding mezzanine compression in the production workflow can reduce the necessary data transmission capacities or even enable the usage of existing infrastructure for higher resolution and higher quality content designed for previous HD production lines. A low complexity of a mezzanine codec with ultra-low latency by preserving highest quality is one of the biggest challenges for such a new codec design. Having this in mind the JPEG committee started a new work item, called JPEG-X, addressing the need for an interoperable video-over-IP codec. This paper presents the specific requirements for such a codec, shows the results of the call for proposals, the advances during the core experiment phase and provides some insight into the selected technology.

Über Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Fößel - Fraunhofere IIS

  • Studium der Elektrotechnik an der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg,
  • Abschluss Diplom-Ingenieur.
  • Seit 1990 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Fraunhofer IIS im Bereich Bildverarbeitungssysteme und Design industrieller Kameras,
  • Im Jahr 2000 Promotion zum Thema Bildverteilung in Mehrrechnersystemen,
  • Seit 2001 verantwortlicher Gruppenleiter am Fraunhofer IIS für Projekte im Bereich Digitales Kino (Kameras, Workflow, Archive).
  • Wichtige Forschungsprojekte: WorldScreen, CineVision, EDCine, digitale Kamera ARRI D20/D21, Certification Test Plan der DCI, easyDCP.
  • Leiter der ISO-Standardisierungsgruppen Digitales Kino und Motion JPEG2000 innerhalb JPEG. Zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen in FKT, SMPTE Journal und in Buchbeiträgen.